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Code Lizard Web Services is committed to being a dependable resource, covering the areas of custom programming, database development, website design and software architecture that not only meet the current needs of our clients, but will grow with them and their business to attain future goals. We achieve this by keeping abreast in the latest technologies, so we can utilize them to assist our clients meet thier objectives. We specialize in complete solutions for small business, exercising our skills to bring your vision to reality on time and within budget.

Code Lizard Web Services, formerly Jamsoft Development, was started in 1987, primarily focused on developing applications in the xBase language for small businesses.  We quickly expanded our skillsets and platforms to include DOS, Windows, and several mainframe platforms.

Our business specializes in custom development of software for small businesses. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including custom websites, internet-enabled applications, utility and automation programs, and specialized database applications. No job too big, and no job too small.

Our founder, Rich Smith, has more than 20 years experience in the tech industry.  His diverse background includes a leading role in the development of the first e-commerce platforms for Internet 1.0 and more than 5% of all e-commerce on the web.  Most recently, he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ziff Davis Enterprise, driving the technology for the online/offline publisher who brings you content such as www.eweek.com, www.baselinemag.com, www.devshed.com, www.seochat.com, www.cioinsight.com, www.channelinsider.com, www.deviceforge.com, and many more.

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Joomla Maintenance   Joomla Maintenance : Code Lizard Web Services is the professional's choice for one-stop, cost-effective Joomla! maintenance. We take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you do best–running your business.  Visit now to review our monthly maintenance plans.

Website Admins   Website Admins :  We now offer monthly maintenance plans for any Linux/PHP/MySQL websites.  In addition, we offer a complete suite of additional services to complement our already robust offering of maintenance plans.  Visit Website Admins now for more information.