Joomla Examples

Original Sites

Part-Finder is a custom website based on Joomla, geared towards backyard mechanics and do-it-yourself automobile enthusiasts. The site features a searchable database of auto parts, a user forum, and various automotive-related articles.

Xmas Wishes is a custom website based on Joomla and was designed to offer an easy place for kids to create thier christmas lists online, to share with family and friends. Site features an easy to use Xmas List database, with ranking system and URLs to websites where you can find the items.

Geek-Rant is a custom website based on Joomla, designed to be an outlet to debate topics with site visitors. Visitors can respond to topics, post to link sites such as Digg, Spurl, and There are even some games available if visitors become bored.

Site Redesigns

Florida Getaway Vacations

This site was originally coded in straight HTML by a web designer. We re-designed the interface to give the site a more aesthetic appearance, and replaced the flat HTML files with the Joomla CMS. The site is now much more organized, and much more trafficed than the previous incarnation.



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