Code Changes

Here are Cube Cart modifications that require you to make changes to your code.  These are normally just instructions on how to achieve preferred functionality.


Categorize your Site Docs.
Site documents within CubeCart are an excellent tool, but using them as the work, out of the box, is a bit limiting. For example, the SITEDOCS box by default shows ALL of the Site Docs that you have created. What if you only wanted to show certain Site Docs on the bottom nav, and others in another sidebox (for a different purpose).

Well, if you don’t want to hard-code which Site Docs you would use in what locations, you are not alone. That’s why I felt the need for Site Doc Categories. This way, I can create a category for “Bottom Navigation”, and another for “Legal Docs” and then specify which category a Site Doc belongs to. I can then make the code only look for the appropriate category, and now I have dynamic categories.
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